Albion Sports Technology

Uniform company goes from the ‘baggy green’ to the battlefield.

Famous for half a century as makers of Australia’s Baggy Green™ cricket cap, Albion Sports Technology has graduated from high quality team uniforms to becoming an industry innovator in sports protective gear. The company is now introducing ‘Albion X’, a new range of lightweight protective apparel, and is expanding its product focus to take in another kind of athlete—the soldier. Lighter and more agile foam technologies are currently being applied to concepts for the future soldier combat ensemble that will deliver major improvements in point-of-impact absorption properties.


Radio firm sees ‘unprecedented’ connectivity options.

Benelec is specialist radio frequency technology company which designs tailored radio systems, radio antennas, accessories and component solutions. It has an established reputation for providing reliable and comprehensively supported radio frequency solutions to private radio users, industry, Government and Defence. Future combat ensembles will increasingly need to be integrated from head-ware down to the combat boot. As such, the company is developing several new radio technologies relevant to future ADF requirements, including: Full Duplex Radios; Helmet Mounted Antennas; Radio Audio Management and Power Supply Management.

CCA Protect

Leader in ballistic garments has a competitive edge.

CCA Protect specialises in the design and manufacture of a wide range of military and para-military equipment and accoutrements. The company develops aircraft and vehicle armour (including ballistic body armour), combat helmets, soft and hard armour plates, clothing & apparel, load carrying vests and specialist packs & pouches. It maintains over 4,000 square metres of factory floorspace which accommodates over 120 industrial sewing machines. R&D and production facilities accommodate Australia’s largest autoclave in its class, helmet presses, a ballistics fabric cutter and a NATA-certified ballistics testing facility.

Daronmont Technologies

Australian team excels at integrating hi-tech systems.

Daronmont Technologies is an Australian-owned SME that specialises in complex electronics and software systems for Defence, corporate and Government clients. Its professional technical base comprises around 60 engineers which have an enviable reputation for delivering projects spanning portable command and control centres, high-frequency around-the-clock radar systems and situational awareness systems for submarines. The company was recently awarded the largest technology development contract signed to date by the Defence Innovation Hub to build an innovative prototype radar system to replace existing technology used by Defence, including soldier-portable surveillance systems.

Imagine Intelligent Materials

Carbon ‘super material’ is 100 times stronger than steel.

Imagine Intelligent Materials is at the forefront of current understandings of what graphene can do when applied to industrial applications and turning this atom-thin carbon material into commercial products. One of many potential applications for graphene in future military uses is the creation of smart ballistic armour. For example, ballistic armour currently used by the armed forces needs to be supported by a regular and costly inspection regime to ensure it remains fully functional. The application of intelligent graphene to such armour means these inspections could be achieved at considerable cost-savings, either automatically, or manually at the push of a button.


Precision motor control brings life to new ideas for the military.

Kremford is a world-class designer and manufacturer of control systems for stepped electric motors that deliver high-precision movement in complex medical equipment such as MRI machines, as well as military applications including radar and artillery. The company’s capabilities in concept analysis, collaborative design and product manufacture make it an ideal industrial partner for other Australian enterprises developing specialist equipment for the Australian Defence Force. In a separate endeavour, the company has embarked on an R&D program designed to improve the performance of power packs currently employed by Australian soldiers in the field.

LHD Group Australia

Global access to technology feeds local emphasis on service.

LHD Group Australia is a professional and protective clothing and services enterprise which for the past 10 years has worked to address specific operational requirements of Australia’s fire and emergency services. The company maintains a local design and manufacturing capacity through contractors and supply partners to enable quick response to customer requests, but also has access to large production capacity overseas to serve volume orders. It also offers product life-cycle management services including procurement, logistics, warehousing, laundry, dry cleaning and repair.

MMC Learning and Development

Training success based on continuous improvement.

Leveraging scientific work designed to enable the rapid training of operators and mechanics working on constantly evolving defence equipment, MMC Learning and Development specialises in technology-based training and web-based applications. In 2012 it undertook one of Australia’s largest ever technology-based training projects which required the translation of complex engineering specifications into interactive animated 3D representations. MMCLD’s training packages now span all levels of interactivity from e-information through to immersion in fully-engaging, near-life, desk-top simulations.

Precision Technic Defence

Supplier of integrated systems is ‘not a shopfront’.

Established in Australia in May 2017, Precision Technic Defence draws on Australian and international supply sources to bring together communications, information, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance functions into superior integrated solutions. Systems have already been supplied to the Army’s project LAND 17 project, and work is currently underway into Joint Fires and Situational Awareness projects for the dismounted soldier. Through its Danish parent, Precision Technic Defence brings to Australia expertise gained over more than a decade of providing highly interoperable systems to the military and security agencies of Europe and the United States.

Redback Boot Company

A century of tradition behind globally demanded combat boot.

With a boot-making heritage stretching over five generations, in two decades the Redback Boot Company has taken the Australian Army in-service boot off the ‘products of concern’ list and into the record books for levels of user satisfaction. Together with global technology partners, a two-year R&D program has produced the new Redback ‘Tactic Technology’ combat boot which is lighter, more comfortable and better-performing than all boots that have preceded it. The new Tactic boots are currently being rolled out into Army operations and receiving high acclaim by troops. Redback is already working on the next-generation of combat boot which will feature breakthroughs in laser foot scanning and individualised fit, faster-drying leathers and linings with non-chemical-based anti-bacterial anti-microbial properties that will deliver more comfort and prolonged foot health.

SORD Australia

Lessons learned drive new military product development.

Special Operations Research & Development (SORD) excels in the design, manufacture and supply of state-of-the-art police and military clothing, personal protection and tactical equipment. Lessons learned from former Special Forces members in the company’s design team ensure that SORD equipment provides operators with a solid platform capable of working in high-stress environments. All SORD design and manufacturing activity is conducted under confidentiality agreements which protect the sensitive nature of each client’s work, the nature of their workplace and the ultimate capabilities of their equipment.


Situational awareness software enables better decisions.

Systematic’s SitaWare software suite provides comprehensive command and control (C2) and situational awareness capabilities across all levels of the battlespace—from headquarters through to the individual dismount. The software is based on open architecture and is hardware agnostic – features which enable it to be integrated with any communications system. As a scalable solution, SitaWare can support operations across all levels of the battlespace as well as in the Joint environment, enabling true interoperability and seamless connectivity between forces.

Warwick Firearms Australia

Victorian firearms maker has loyal customer base.

Warwick Firearms Australia creates world-class products that address unique Australian needs and conditions. New machine techniques and 3-D printing are being used to manufacture quality rifles for recreational and commercial shooters as well as the Australian farming community. A WFM4 Low Visibility Carbine has also been developed for sale to official military users and law enforcement contractors and features semi-automatic or select fire modes with a full range of calibre, barrel and hardware options. WFA is currently modelling prototypes of futuristic weapons that incorporate new electronic features such as an expended rounds counter and applications to improve the real-time monitoring of troops.